It goes without saying “Health is Wealth”. What is the exact meaning of health here?  Many people mistake the word health for the physical well being of a person. Health is a “state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease”. Physical is about the body. Mental is about how people think and feel.

       But the mental health is not given as much importance as physical health. The ratio of the gyms present to the mental health care clinics speaks for this matter. Unfortunately, the topic of mental illness still remains a sensitive subject that needs to be voiced by more people.

      Depression and Anxiety are the most common mental health issues in the present day’s scenario. Sadness, feeling low, loss of interest in daily activities are the symptoms of depression. The reason for a person’s depression is a complex combination of genetic, environmental, biological and psychosocial factors .In many cases, major depression leads to suicidal thoughts.

     It’s tragic that India is the country with the highest suicide death rate followed by China and U.S. Majority of these deaths are between the age gap of 15-24. Depression being the biggest cause for these suicides is pitiful. Yet, people in India still think of it as a quaint topic and confuse mental illness to a “madness”.

     Teenagers and students are the most prone to depression in the present day situation. They feel alienated, lonely and hopeless under such conditions. Do you know that 80% of the people who commit suicide are literate? Around 10 thousand students are committing suicide every year, that’s one every hour. Such an upsetting fact. It is high time people started doing something regarding these problems.

      In foreign countries, every educational institution has a counselor to check after the students. But in India, most schools don’t even have a physical session period, let alone mental health. A counselor can play a vital part in assessing the patient’s behavior and helping them with their condition.

      In the Indian society, counselors and psychiatrists don’t carry much importance. Because the people here believe that talking to strangers about your personal problems is wrong but marrying one isn’t! It’s one of the reasons why counseling is underrated in India.

     To raise awareness, October 10 of every year is celebrated as “World Mental Health Day”. It is a day to celebrate your mental well being and relieve stress. The theme of 2019 World Mental Health Day was suicide prevention and mental health promotion.

      As an individual, you can also do your part in helping someone. If you’re alright, talk to someone who is not.  Make them feel better. Take time off to ask your friends how they are doing. Lend your listening ear. That could help mitigate their condition. People often tend to react when it’s too late. Don’t take that risk. Be kind. “Why should you?”  Well, “Why shouldn’t you?!” Who knows, you might be saving a life.

      For those dealing with depression, you are not alone. It’s alright if you feel vulnerable at times. If you feel like giving up, talk to someone. There is no shame in asking for help. In fact, asking for help is the bravest thing you can do. Seek help from your parents and close ones. Hold on in there. It takes time to get through it. But once you do, you’ll become a stronger person than you were before. Have faith and hope in yourself.

        “Remember: It’s Ok to not be Ok”  


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  1. Thank you for bringing attention to this matter. The brighter the light shines on this often ignored topic, perhaps annual mental check-ups will become as normal as annual physical check-ups.
    I’ve added World Mental Health Day to my calendar. You’re appreciated!

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  2. Very useful post and more so in these times. In normal times my approach is to indulge in sports and brush walking. Some yoga asanas which suit my body and breathing exercises.
    Cheers and stay well 🌝

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