According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with two faces, four arms, four legs and two sets of genitalia. They were fearless, fast and quite dominant than the present day humans.

One day, the imprudent creatures threatened to conquer the gods and become the new rulers. Soon, instead of killing the creatures, the gods came up with a solution to fight back.

To stop them, Zeus split the creatures in half to punish them for their foolishness. As a result, each creature was only left with one face, two arms, two legs and a single set of genitals.This left the creatures in complete misery. To mitigate their sorrow, Apollo (God of healing) sewed them up and made a couple changes to the creatures’ bodies.

Soon, all the creatures were in search of their ‘other half’. They set out to find their other part to attain completion both physically and mentally. Thus, the concept of soulmates came into picture. Myth or not, this is quite an interesting topic.

Finding someone who gets you, respects you and encourages you has always been a desire of humans.A true soulmate accepts you for who you are in spite of all your flaws. It’s someone who turns on your soul and makes you feel free. Some believe there are multiple soulmates for a person. In a way or so, almost everyone believes that there exists a soulmate for them. Do you?

‘What is your definition of a soulmate?’

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  1. SMiLes Once
    You Become Your
    Own Soul Mate
    All of
    Becomes Your
    Love… How Will
    You Know…
    You Feel
    All Dark
    All Is Love…
    Smiles.. Usually
    This is When Folks
    Dance Sing
    Is Bigger
    Than Church
    And Books God
    Is Love
    i Understand
    Soulmate Within..
    Inside.. Outside..
    Above.. So
    Round God Now
    This Loving Breath..
    Hehe This is What
    You Get For Liking
    Just Another
    Smile A Breath of Life..:)

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  2. I have a different interpretation for the quest. I cannot imagine meeting someone who would claim to be a soul mate, then by default, make claims to my personal integrity. Would I be allowed, or able, to reject that person if I didn’t like him/her? After so many eons and different lives experienced, I’m sure any “soulmate” would no longer be an automatic adjunct to my own personality. No, for me the interaction takes place with what I call “partials” – individuals who can share a part of their mind with mine because of certain affinities. This is in constant flux, such “partials” flowing in and out, and I always retain the right to reject such interaction if it does not fit in with my chosen purpose. For example, as an “avatar” of compassion I would not tolerate interaction with a racist or misogynist or otherwise criminally minded partial. Partials can teach much by sharing their experiences, and they can learn much also but that can go the other way. A good person can become a bad one if partial interaction isn’t carefully monitored. We live in interesting worlds, don’t we.

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  3. My friend went to a hypnotist for pain relief. After a few sessions, she learned that she had a past life AND that she knew her husband in his past life. I think she and her sweet hubby are soulmates for sure!

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