(The following writing contains random feelings of an average individual during this pandemic. This was just meant to be a light read. You may or may not relate to it.)


New Year, New Century. 2020 is going to be THE year! There will be new people, many trips with friends and family to new places and so many opportunities! Let there be no more procrastination and see what it has in store for us. Vision 2020!


January was like the longest month ever! Now that we are past it, have you heard of that new virus in China? What was the name…oh yeah, Corona! It’s a swine flu like respiratory illness that started in a Wuhan market because some people ate stuff which they weren’t supposed to in the first place! Apparently, the city is in lockdown and people are home restricted, to contain the virus from spreading. Why can’t those people, just for once, eat what normal people eat! Jeez, the Chinese!


So, the corona has finally landed in our country. Taking the motto “Prevention is better than cure” pretty seriously, the government has decided to impose a nationwide lockdown to contain the spread. This means no movie halls, no restaurants, no offices and most importantly, no educational institutions. All the group chats flooding with students’ excitement!

 Just stay at home and whatever you do, don’t go out.

Every introvert’s dream and an extrovert’s malediction! You know what…I could do that. We will have a whole lot of free time on our hands. I can watch movies, learn new stuff and relax. The lockdown is just for a month right? It will be cool!


Staying at home isn’t so bad you know. I’m watching 3-4 movies everyday; pulled an all-nighter and watched a 3 season show yesterday. Because there are no weekdays or weekends; no offices or colleges; no one cares,remember? Video calls and catching up with long lost friends feels good. Whipping up dalgona coffee; texting, sending memes to everyone in your friend list and laughing at them; no alarms and no assignments; come to think of it, the lock down doesn’t seem so bad after all.


Have you ever heard of that reality show Big Boss/ Big Brother? In case you haven’t, it is about a group of people who have to stay in an isolated house for 2-3 months, maintaining no connection with the outside world what so ever. Before the lockdown I used to think: what is so hard about staying in a house for some time without going all crazy anyway? Turns out, I was wrong. Now we know.

This lockdown is starting to get on my nerves. I can’t remember the last time I had a bath or a heartfelt laugh. I want to go out, meet my friends, and eat pizza and all kinds of street food. I don’t want to sit at home baking cake anymore.I want to talk to people directly, not through zoom calls. Wasn’t the lockdown supposed to end by now?


Don’t even get me started about the stupid virus! Guess it’s just going to get worse before it gets any better.

Sorry, what was it? I missed the month of June? Well, does it even matter? Does any of this anymore?! It’s like we are all stuck in a loop that goes on repeating itself every goddamn day. Video calls and chats? My anxiety says No, thank you. What is happening in the world? Why is it getting worse every day when it is supposed to get better? Why are people the way they are? What is life? And why am I thinking about all this at 4 in the morning ?

All jokes apart, trying to stay sane during this lockdown is hard. Nothing is interesting anymore. There are no good movies left to watch. No jolly song to sing. And now more than ever, it is really important to keep a check on your mental health as well as your physical health. Watch your favorite movie for the 100th time if you want to; keep on baking that cake until you become a pro or just keep doing whatever you are doing to stay sane.

We will get through this…like we always do.

4 thoughts on “2020: THE HALF OF IT

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  1. I could relate to the dates don’t matter anymore really well yaar!Didn’t even realize you missed June until you mentioned.Seriously,I have to think twice before replying to “What is the current month on the calendar?”

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